When someone you love dies, it creates a gap. A chasm. Something missing where their memory lives.

We’ve been there and that’s why we’re here.

Bo’s Place exists to help those grieving, and those assisting the bereaved, find the support they need.

No grief journey is the same, yet each person grieving needs one powerful thing: Support.

we're here

Our Heart

Whether it’s through group support, phone consultations with our clinicians, or grief-related resources, we are here to help you find the support you need after the death of a loved one.

Bo’s Place is a safe place to express your thoughts and feelings with others on a similar journey.

Bo's Place operates on the belief that sharing your story, your thoughts, your memories and your feelings with others can be a powerful tool for healing.

we're here

We're Here

Grieving is both solitary and communal—we grieve alone and we grieve with others. While you may walk your own path, you do so in the company of many others who have experienced the death of a loved one, too.

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We offer information and grief resources via phone, online and through in-person grief support groups for bereaved children, families and adults in both English & Spanish

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We’re Here

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